Training & Advising

In addition to designing and running experiments, we also train and advise community members based on our evidence-driven learnings. We synthesize the results of the hundreds of tests we’ve already run into trainings and actionable guidance for a wide variety of audiences, tailored to the specific needs of the organization we’re working with.

Here you’ll find brief descriptions of Analyst Institute’s training, advising, and research offerings for the community. We encourage you to reach out at [email protected] if you’re interested in partnering with us!

Training Program

We tailor our training sessions specifically to the group we’re partnering with, so everyone from seasoned political operatives to new stakeholders can walk away with valuable skills and actionable advice. Our goal is to introduce you to new tools and build upon existing structures to maximize your impact. Click the links below for examples of the research and learnings you might see in a training.

Voter Mobilization Tactics
Persuasion & Message Optimization
Additional Trainings

Training Pricing

Pricing varies by training length, location, number of trainers, and the amount of customization and new content creation required. We are committed to providing service to as many partners as possible, regardless of budgetary constraints. Each partnership is unique and valued. Please contact Analyst Institute at [email protected] for more information.