Analyst Institute partners with organizations and campaigns to better understand the impact of their programs.

Our partners include organizations large and small, based across the U.S., whose work spans voter contact, candidate and issue persuasion campaigns, power-building and year-round organizing, and more. What unites this diverse network is a commitment to learning and to bolstering the collective knowledge base.

Our team of researchers is skilled in a wide range of methods, including randomized controlled trials and observational and mixed methods designs. We also undertake reviews and analyses of prior research and conduct program evaluations. No matter the project, we work closely with partners to identify research questions and design a project that meets their strategic needs.

After experiments are completed, Analyst Institute’s research scientists collaborate with our communication strategists to ensure that learnings are accessible and actionable to members of our allied network.

If you’re interested in conducting research with Analyst Institute, please reach out at [email protected].

“Analyst Institute has built an unparalleled library of scientifically-based strategic and tactical findings over the past decade by conducting experiments with partners and allies — a library that organizations across the ecosystem uniquely depend on to shape their programs.” – CEO of major political data firm, 2019

“For over a decade, Analyst Institute has served as the progressive community’s ‘go-to’ organization for unbiased program assessments that maximize our collective impact and efficiency.” – President of progressive coordination hub, 2019