The Analyst Institute

We’re passionate about using science to help win elections and advance progressive policies.

We’re a mix of political scientists, campaign operatives, math whizzes, and management consultants from diverse backgrounds. Over-represented populations include foodies, athletes, and game nerds.

Meet the team members

Rachel Arenstein

Lead Communications Strategist

Levi Bankston

Research Manager

Madeleine Boutet

Senior Analyst, Meta-Analysis

Christina Coloroso

Executive Director

Angelina Drake

Development Director

Hannah Ehrenberg

Senior Donor Projects Associate

Jeff Ferguson

Deputy Director of Research Analytics

Sam Gass

Senior Data Engineer

Daisy Hernandez-Barguiarena

Community Manager

Heather Hicks

Senior Research Manager

Shana Holmes

Director of Operations

Lauren Keane

Managing Director of Operations, Finance, and Culture

Kim Manturuk

Director of Research

Cherie Martin

Senior Reproductive Advocacy Program Strategist

Becca McGarity

Senior Analyst

Shayna O'Reilly

Lead HR Manager

Tricia Petruney

Lead Donor Strategist

David Searle

Deputy Director of Research Projects

Liesel Spangler

Meta-Analysis Senior Data Scientist

Keira Stearns

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Miya Woolfalk

Managing Director of Research, Programs, and Partnerships