The Analyst Institute

We’re passionate about using science to help win elections and advance progressive policies.

We’re a mix of political scientists, campaign operatives, math whizzes, and management consultants from diverse backgrounds. Over-represented populations include foodies, athletes, and game nerds.

Meet the team members

Rachel Arenstein

Lead Communications Strategist

Madeleine Boutet

Senior Analyst, Meta-Analysis

Christina Coloroso

Executive Director

Angelina Drake

Development Director

Hannah Ehrenberg

Senior Operations & Development Associate

Jeff Ferguson

Deputy Director of Research Analytics

Daisy Hernandez-Barguiarena

Community Manager

Heather Hicks

Research Manager

Shana Holmes

Director of Operations

Lauren Keane

Managing Director of Operations, Finance, and Culture

Danielle Lemi

Senior Meta-Analysis Research Manager

Cherie Martin

Senior Reproductive Advocacy Program Strategist

Becca McGarity


Shayna O'Reilly

Lead HR Manager

David Searle

Deputy Director of Research Projects

Liesel Spangler

Meta-Analysis Senior Data Scientist

Keira Stearns

Deputy Director of Research Strategy

Miya Woolfalk

Managing Director of Research, Programs, and Partnerships