Consultant Roundtable

We created the consultant roundtable to build a broader and deeper relationship between consultants and evidence from field testing.

Consultants are an integral part of the campaign world, and should have the resources they need from field testing to help run the best campaigns possible. Further, experiments should be informed by consultants’ on-the-ground experiences and accumulated wisdom.

About Roundtable Membership

  • Receive timely updates on and access to new research results and their implications
  • Are trained on research methods and equipped with Analyst Institute training materials to use in their own presentations
  • Meet regularly to address priorities – how to make their tactics more effective, how to help their clients run better campaigns
  • Work with the Analyst Institute to help share best practices and recommendations and learn from what’s happening on the ground
  • Have conducted an experiment in the last election cycle, or have financially committed to conduct one this cycle
  • Support the Analyst Institute’s work with a $5,000 contribution per firm

Participating Firms

AMM Political [email protected] Phone
Berlin Rosen [email protected] Mail, Digital
Catalist LLC [email protected] Digital, Data
Chism Strategies [email protected] Digital
Grassroots Campaigns [email protected] Fundraising, Phone, Canvass
Greenlight Media Strategies [email protected] Mail
JVA Campaigns [email protected] Mail, Digital
Mammen Group, Inc [email protected] Mail
Mission Control [email protected] Mail
Mothership Strategies [email protected] Digital
Moxie Media [email protected] Mail
Resonance Campaigns [email protected] Mail, Digital
SpeakEasy Political [email protected] Mail
Wildfire Contact [email protected] Mail, Phone